Why I don’t use autoresponders anymore

Build your list and make a fortune they say, so I went and got me an autoresponder. The great thing about the autoresponder I got was it also had an affiliate program so you could get all your friends on board and make a fortune. They had training on how to use the autoresponder and […]

Business Card Marketing by Cave People

Way back in prehistoric times even cave dwellers used business card marketing to promote their products. Marvin and Bubba the 2 famous cave men entrepreneurs decided to call their little enterprise Amrock and used a piece of rock and chiseled their information onto the rock. Bubba handed out several cards to potential clients and he […]

A Cave Man Can Run A Home Based Business

I did some research and found that the first home based MLM business was started in a cave. Yes it seems 2 guys named Marvin Magma and Bubba Bolder were the first to start an MLM business. One day Bubba was out trying to catch dinner from the local stream by hand. By accident he […]

Growing a successful ecommerce store

Ads are popping up all over the internet teasing people about all the millions you can make with an ecommerce store. One such ad caught my eye when I was researching online store software. This guy who’s name I will not mention had an ad for an online webinar. It looked interesting so I signed […]

Drop Bull Shipping and Ecommerce

What is Drop Bull Shipping and how can you prevent it! Now that Amazon has broke the barriers for ecommerce shopping online, everyone is opening a online store looking to make their fortune and falling victim to drop bull shipping. I love the fact that people want to be entrepreneurs but the fact is many […]